Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween 2018!!!!!

The big day is finally here.  After months of work and a year of planning it's our version of Christmas!...What's This?  Halloween at Christmas?  You bet!

Our display is up and we look forward to seeing everyone stop by.  Don't forget to bring some cash and make a donation.  All monies go to the Canadian Red Cross - Saskatchewan division for Anti-bullying education program.

Our address again is:  923 Avenue X North in the Mount Royal Neighborhood

And tonight we will be hosting a brief livestream starting at 6PM on facebook.  For those who can't attend in person we will give you a little tour of the display and talk a little bit about our build this year.

Happy Halloween all!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Halloween week is here!

We've had a great couple of days so far with our new yard display up and we look forward to having many more people drive by and to take a look at our display.  Here's the details.

Please take a look at our facebook page located here...It has new pictures released each day and videos will be coming soon.

Also the Saskatoon Starphoenix recently published that our display is a haunted house walk-through.  This information is incorrect.  For the last 10 years our display has been strictly a yard display that is viewable from the sidewalk.

Happy Friday Night Frights to all!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Picture updates

With Halloween only 11 days away we keep posting updates to our Facebook page showing all the fun.  Keep checking there and join our page to keep up to date with everything that we are doing between now and when our display is up for viewing.

More pictures will be posted here soon but for the latest the link here.

As a reminder our full display will be up each evening from Wednesday October 24th though Halloween night!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

What’s this? Halloween in July and August?

While everyone else has been at the lake we have been working away.  This year brings something we are really excited about: We are working on an entirely new façade for Saskatoon Halloween House! A new façade means we are pulling out the tools, a trailer full of wood, paint, and whatever else we can find to create something different.  Don’t worry-the castle isn’t going anywhere but it may be awhile before it comes out again.

We can’t give away too many details but here’s a peek:

Sometimes Halloween means using all your muscles.

 So Many Panels!

Working away to finish before October.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Halloween is finally here and we're very excited to see everyone that stops by our display.  Don't forget where we are:
923 Avenue X North (located in the Mount Royal neighborhood)
We're hoping for a nice evening so we can have all our props out and all the "cast and crew" our for your viewing pleasure. Our display will be up until at least 10:30 PM so stop by when you can.
Don't forget that we are taking donations for the Red Cross Anti Bullying education program  Your donations will make a difference!
And finally while we love giving candy out to all the kids, we are also taking part in the teal pumpkin project.  We have some "non candy" treats too.  Please just ask and we can make sure that everyone has a wonderful Halloween.
You can also keep an eye out for more pictures to be posted though the night on our Facebook page too.

Monday, October 30, 2017

One day until Halloween!

October 30th, only 1 day to go.  We are hoping that the weather holds and that we get lots of visitors to come by and see our Magical display.

One of our visitors was Janella from CTV Morning live.  It was wonderful that she came to take a look at all the fun we have with our display.

Watch the video clip here!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween Weekend & Saskatchewan Haunt Finder

Halloween weekend is here and it's only a couple of days until October 31st.  We've been having a lot of visitors coming by to see the display and it's only expected to get busier as we get closer to Halloween.  Look for some more pictures to be added in the next few days too!

We also wanted to share that we're listed on the Saskatchewan Haunt finder at  This is a great listing of some of the places throughout Saskatchewan that also have scary displays and walkthroughs.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Setup 2017 and the winds of Saskatoon

On the Thanksgiving weekend we spent about 6 hours and once again hid a house and built a castle for Halloween.  With a few friends and some extra hands we followed our plans and just like playing with Lego we built our castle.

It take a lot of time to ensure that every section of the castle is properly attached.  Sandbags, wooden bracing and metal straps are all used to ensure that everything stays in place.  On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Saskatoon had winds up to 113KM per hour.  The best news is this picture above was taken Wednesday evening and everything stayed in place.  It may actually be wood, but it's as strong as stone.

A new piece of our display has been made and it's a beauty isn't it?
We look forward to having everyone see it starting on the 24th of October and continuing on though Halloween night.

Monday, October 24, 2016

The start of Halloweek!

Hello Everyone,

The time has finally come.  After a year of ideas and building, layout and music ideas we are finally here.   Our display will be up from now until Halloween night.  We hope that everyone will get a chance to drive by our yard display and take a look at some very magical characters but if you can't we hope you enjoy these pictures.

And stop by this year and take part in our photo op!

That's right everyone,  Make a donation and take a picture with our friendly half giant!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Weekend assembly news!

We're getting to the final weekend for making preparations on our Halloween display before the lights turn on and the props go out for you to see.  Just thinking about all the hours of work that have gone into this years display have given us a huge amount of pride and we can't wait to show it off.

Our display will be available for viewing each evening starting on Monday October 24th and will continue each day though Halloween night!

We can be found at 923 Avenue X North, in Saskatoon's Mount Royal neighborhood.

Once again we are accepting donations to the Canadian Red Cross - Saskatchewan branch for Anti bullying programs.  It's been our charity of choice for several years now and we are pleased to continue helping them out.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Monday, October 3, 2016

The last few months

Hello and welcome back to our Halloween blog for 2016
We've been working hard for the last few months, making new props and working on our new theme for this year.

Saskatoon Halloween House would like to present...A MAGICAL HALLOWEEN.

This magical theme will bring some of our favorite characters and props from our favorite "The boy who lived" series. We hope that you will come by on Halloween night or drive by our display in the evening starting on October 24th.

Here are some small sneak peaks at what is to come.  Take some guesses now at what we have made and when you come to see the display we hope that you find each of these.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

The big day is here, Happy Halloween to all.

It's still early in the day but it looks like it will be a nice day weather wise for us.  With a high of +9 and the evening holding about 4 degrees on the good side, we're expecting a lot a visitors today.

Once again we're located at 923 Avenue X North in the Mount Royal neighborhood and the display will be up till about midnight tonight.

Please also consider making a donation to our display.  Donations go to the Saskatchewan Red Cross and it goes specifically to the classroom anti-bully program.  It's a great cause so come out and help others too!

With the monsters on parade they are leaving next year and we are pleased to announce that there will be new theme for new year.  Stay tuned for details.

Happy Halloween to all and be safe.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween 2015 is 5 days away

Monsters are again invading 923 Avenue X North this week.  With Halloween on a Saturday we are expecting a bigger turnout and more kids to come by and see all the monsters.  Take a look at some of the pictures below.  Display is available from 5-11 each night through Halloween with the 31st being up all day.

Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween to all. 

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween and that you had the chance to walk or drive by our display and take a look at the monster mash that was taking place outside tonight.  Here are a few evening pictures from this week.

UPDATE:  As of 1030 PM we have had close to 300 kids and well over a thousand adults stop by tonight.  This doesn't count everyone that kept the street busy with a drive by viewing.  Totals of the donations made will be available this weekend!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Almost here...So bring on the pictures

Halloween is just over 24 hours away and we're excited.  In case you can't come and see everything in person here are a few more pictures taken during the day.  To get the best effect, stop by in the evening and let the sights and sounds really tell the story.

Remember we are accepting donations for the Canadian Red Cross so don't forget to give...Let the warm weather stay for another few days and everyone can enjoy this great display.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween week is here!

After many months of preperation, Saskatoon Halloween House is ready for your viewing pleasure. 

We've partnered with the Canadian Red Cross again this year and will be accepting donations on site.  If you like what you see, consider making a donation.

What you need to know:
Where: 923 Ave X North (Mount Royal Area)
When: Evenings  (lighted 5 PM to 11 PM) from October 24th through October 31st
Why:  Because it's fun!
Theme: The Monster Mash!

Here are a few pictures from our display this year.  To get the full effect, take a drive by and see it all for yourself.


Please share this page with your friends and family to spread the word and the love of Halloween!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

24 Days till Halloween - It's the Monster Mash!

We are getting closer and closer to our big day and the building is taking place more and more.  The castle is assembled and we're pleased to announce that our theme for this year is "Monster Mash".  With this clue can you guess what we will be having on display?

While you're thinking about what we might offer, W are also also pleased to announce that Halloween Alley in Saskatoon offically has opened up a very decorated display to scare you and to creep you out.  We have had a a great time working with them in making some of the displays and rooms for your frightful pleasure.  Want to take a walkthough?  It's by donation but the money is going to some very good charities.  C95's Cage for the Cure and the C95 Breast Cancer Marathon.

Halloween Alley can be found in Market Mall at the old Zellers location and thier hours are as follows:
Mon-Fri: 9:30am-9:00pm; Sat: 9:30am-6:00pm; Sun: 11:00am-5:00pm

In the meantime take a look at these pictures and try to find where they belong if you go to Halloween Alley.

 24 days to go.  Time to get your scare on!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

49 days to go!

It's been a while since many people have thought about Halloween but we've been thinking about it for months.  Construction has been taking place through the summer and a lot of the big work will be taking place in the next month as we get closer to Halloween.

We haven't just been working on our own display but we've been working with Halloween Alley by Famous Toys in Market Mall to make the spooky season just a little scarier.

More details about what Halloween Alley is working on will be posted as we get closer to October but in the meantime you should head over to Halloween alley in Market Mall to check out all they have to offer with your own Halloween decorations and costumes.

Look for more pictures to be posted soon showing the progress and sneak peaks of what we have been working on.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween!

Today is the day and we're ready for another Halloween.  Hope you can come by and see our display this year and if not please enjoy these pictures.